slow parent for camera

I suppose this is probably old news but I thought I’d mention, in a first person type game, the camera tracking looks alot better if you set the camera to ‘slow parent’ with an offset of 2.

do you mean the “Edit Object: Track to; delay: 2; 3D: on/off”?

no it’s in the anim buttons, it’s not a constraint. i mean when you parent the camera to your actor, go to the anim buttons and press ‘slow parent’ and change the offset to 2-3. maybe 4.

Yeah, I am using this in Legacy of taro.

ok, I have to try that out, but will the camera go trough walls or you use some force or animation settings…

It does whatever the object it’s parented to does.

hi sorry to bring up an old thread but where is the slow parent button i had a look in the animation buttons but cant find it, thanks Fudge

It is on the top, under the buttons that say “Upx Y Z” on 2.34.

Oh btw, I just noticed that the new engine hase frustrum culling! Yay! :smiley:

it is in the object buttons, Anim Settings panel, on the right, in the second row

really? How do you use it?! :o

really? How do you use it?! :o[/quote]

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Or look at the page for more stuff:

Yay! If only the game engine in 2.34 WORKED!!! :< :frowning:

What do you mean it doesn’t work? It works fine here.

It has all kinds of bugs and slowness problems, compared to the 2.25 version…
(well, then again, 2.25 has it’s share of bugs too.) %|

I am sticking to the 2.25 thil my game is finnished. Then i will move on. I hope the Game Engine dosent have bugs then :slight_smile:

Creating new games with it, runs better than ever!
Once you silly people finish your old games you should begin using 2.34.