Slow view port ? ( blender 2.79 used )

Hello guys, new member here :slight_smile: I’m running blender 2.79 on an Intel i7-8700 CPU 3.20GHz - cores, with 16Gb of ram. I made 40 metaball copies and i noticed very slow response when i selected all and tried to move them in the view port although the amount of memory used was only around 1.5Gb. Is this natural or i miss something with blender settings? P.S. I use Linux Debian O.S.

Based on above I’m going to guestimate that you are talking about viewport in OpenGL shading only? Not rendered?

What type of CPU load and GPU load do you get when doing the selection/move? Wonder which one is reaching 100%.

Also what GPU do you have?

Może ty Grzesiek coś wiesz o shuttlepro2 i jego konfigu…? mam wrażenie, że zostałęm zignorowany