slowing down frames

I am new to using the sequencer in Blender. I have been searching for a bit about how to slow down an animation. I have a quick simple animation 30 frames. It is just of some lights turning on. I’d like to slow the whole thing down. How can I achieve this in the sequencer?

Also, when I bring my frames in to the sequencer, the proportions are off. Everything is a bit squished vertically.


  1. The Effects Strip>Speed Control will alter the duration of a placed strip. Note that this can cause uneven playback in the slowed imagery because it is not interpolated fully.

  2. The distortion is caused by having your Render>Dimensions different from the dimensions of the strip in the Sequencer. They should match or Blender with stretch/squash things to fit.

Perhaps this tutorial I did recently may help? It deals with speed ramps.

Thanks…That will definitely help me to get a grasp…