Hey, i need some slowmotion effect to my ragdoll game. So do you now an good example that showes slowmotion?:smiley:

I’ve never seen anyone attempt to create slowmotion in the GE, but from what I’ve seen it should be doable…


Im sure you could use python to slow Physics dow somehow, but i don’t know how.

i use this method:


for slowmotion - (1000) or more, but it messes up physics and physical objects sometimes “explode” :wink:

Nice method, works very well over here XD

I think you should “enable all frames” also, to get this working properly

Cant get it work:S
NameError: Name “gameLogic” is not Defined

ok… here you go

Thanks, that help very much. But now i have one move problem:S
I do when properly prop is near object head then the slowmotion should come. But it will not go away again:S Can you help mee with that?

try it with collision sensor, and enable TRUE level triggering, it should actually work anyway…
or post your blend ill try to fix this problem

Did’nt work:S

nice file Martinsh… very sweet!