Slug Wars Update

Hi people,
I’ve been working on a project now for months, only in my spare time. Weekends mostly. I have posted this before a long time ago but only got some intrest. I am progressing nicely and was hoping this might get some people from the Blender artists forum involved. The whole movie will be made in Blender.

Slug Wars Home

It is non-profit, I know that doesn’t help, show me the money I hear you say . But I’ll plod along by myself it needed. Only thing I might do at the end is sell a DVD with proceeds going to cancer research. But the full contents and movie is free.

If anyone would like to help in any way don’t be shy. Contact me. I don’t bite.

My email is : [email protected]

Hey that is so cool. I can’t quite help but I did notice that you have it as non-profit to the author and it may go on for a good cause for cancer. If you want to use any resources from, please do not hesitate to go to the site. We are non-profit too.

EDIT: just a question - where did you get the grafiti in the background ?

EDIT2: Here’s a corny joke - WIll the characters to slug it out ?

Thanks for your responce kbot, I’ll check that site out.

I got the texture from a mate who worked in Post Production in Melbourne Australia, he took photos of walls in the area and put them together.