Do not eat me


I like the slugs!

Any chance you would be willing to reveal how you did the materials/textures? They look really good.

Thank you!!
I created base texture of body diffuse and roughness by procedural.
And I baked the two textures into one image each.
(Sorry, I deleted node tree of these materials after baking, but it is very simple combination of default Voronoi texture, Noise texture and Cracks texture of PBR materials addon.)
Then, I added black line of body, black dot of tip of antenna and brown color of abdomen(I can not see it in the above image) by using texture paint in Blender.
I have poor painting skills and no pen tablet, but thanks to Smear brush, I could better paint it with mouse.
These are final image texture and node settings I used in this project for reference.

Diffuse map

Roughness map

Node settings
SSS and little bit transparent by Principled BSDF

I added simple soft detail by sculpt and baked it to normal map.
There is a part that did not bake well, but please do not worry.
It’s very small problem.

Normal map


Detail by sculpt

Since it was made a little while ago, there are no accurate data remaining, so I can not explain exactly about detail settings, but I would be glad if it would be your reference.
Thank you.

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Thank you very much!!

I really appreciate all the information, I’m still learning and this is a big help. Thank you!

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