Hey Guys

just Finished my project which was planed as a โ€œone Hourโ€ project, it turned out as a three week Project. :slight_smile:

here is the result and an early render :slight_smile:

here is the early render :slight_smile:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

I think that you are off to a good start, some things to consider.

Some variation in material as well as colour/texture.
Render is a bit dark and DOF is overpowering.

Looking forward to seeing more.


i see what i can do :slight_smile: thanks this is realy helpfull :slight_smile:

Looking good! THe chimney could use some texturing work though.

That looks awsome!
But I donโ€™t see the purpose of the chimney. Also, the blur on the buttom of the image makes everything looks miniature, so I would cancel it.