Slummin' ... once again, ha!

Hi! How you? Awesome, I hope!

This my first ever, titled entry, here at blenderartists and it’s more of a quick hello About Me intro, than it is a Blender render. Those am sure, in time, will come.

So humbly, here we go!

I’m a 2nd gen creative with a wobbly talent standing on the shoulders of a giant, my uncle. And, to some large measure my mother’s and father’s too. Epic view!

I came up through Architecture … then slid hard sideways into Graphics.

Worse than that???

My creativity has the natural force to slum! Yes, slum!

I can slum and have slummed, in many many other disciplines … including fashion, furniture, food and photography. Yes, food!

In 2010, I tried to honor my uncle, William Caldwell, who was an incredible artist, my mother’s twin brother. I spent huge amounts of time in his studio both as a child and as an adult. Insane talent, he was. You wouldn’t believe what he could do with a loaded brush! Up there with Goya and Rembrandt, academically, critcally acknowledged.

So, in a vain attempt to carry the torch … I created an online/offline persona of Neil Caldwell as the face of my creative endeavors and then said Hello to the world, your world, with Colored Bacon …

Insane amount of global coverage!

Who knew changing the course of bacon would be such a big deal, ha!

So ya, when interviewed a zillion times about Colored Bacon I got a shot to talk about my mentor and my friend who died of cancer wayyy to soon … sigh.

So now I’m here … time to emerge from that chrysalis.

So hello. How you?

Buckle up!


Hello and welcome here !
I wasn’t prepared for that but it’s interesting to learn about who are the people here, so thanks for introducing yourself and sharing a slice of life and colored bacon !

Have fun and hope to see more from you !


Much love!

I’ve read a ton of your comments … thank you for sharing your depth of knowledge!

Bookmarked at least half of them, ha!


Hahaha :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ! I’m glad people find these useful ! I’m learning a lot by making these, it helps a ton to refresh or expand on basic ( sometimes not that basic) stuff.

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For decades don’t know exactly why, I’ve been drawing legs and shoes under most anything, ya! This one was created for a flower shop here in town …

Flower Power

Felt tip marker
Broken mirror
Flowers suspended above to reflect in the mirror fragments
Canon PowerShot A630, oh ya!


This is beautiful, I would absolutely hang it on my wall :slight_smile: I love this style, and the way you did it is very clever
(Do you sell prints?)


Completely blown away by your comment … :pray:

Yes, I sell prints but mostly of my photography. I haven’t thought of doing so with this piece.

I’ll look into it for you :heart:


This study I created a while ago will be the prototype of the main character for my first Blender animation … Lords of Graphite.

This particular Lord of Graphite is guarded/ flanked by two Graphite Minions …

I started this project about 11 years ago … seems like just last week, ha!

Lords of Graphite is all about Creativity. What is Creativity? More importantly … WHY is Creativity such a driving force?


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Chess Necropolis is a passion project of mine percolating for a while now …

… interactive chess discovery and chess learning online environment.

Visitors coming to Chess Necropolis can select from a list of dead well known chess players such as Morphy, Fischer, Capablanca, Tal, et al., and view their game collections along with using the latest chess engine analysis.

Chess Necropolis has a Keeper. The Keeper not only guides the visitor, but also has the power to awaken the dead chess players. The Keeper is depicted by a hovering crown which has an ectoplasm glowing from within.

As the Keeper guides the visitor through Chess Necropolis graves and resting places it will hover over the chosen dead chess player’s resting place. Once energized by the Keeper, the chess players will rise from their graves. Or, will be regenerated from their ashes! Yay! Blender particles! Glad I finally found you!

So here is one of several first studies of the Keeper hovering opening a grave …


… kinda lame, but hey … start somewhere.

The awakened chess players will then ‘walk’ / ‘move’ through Chess Necropolis and enter the playing area …


… four massive monoliths define the playing area. Somber entities otherwise dormant … will awaken upon the chess players entrance. Each monolith will display the chess player’s game score as the game is being played out on the center chess board. Along with images of their of life once lived!

And here are a couple more lame first studies of other grave openings …


Those early studies were created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Animate.

CHESS NECROPOLIS … coming back to life!

Thanks you Blender!


Had the humbling honor to do this for the NAACP.

Felt tip marker

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Dandelion study, ha!

Black grease pencil
Prismacolor pencils