Sly Calling card

Just the Sly card, indicating he stole yet another valuable item.

Still working on it, but I want to know what you think so far. I guess I like the window (even though you can’t even see it…). I really think the lighting could be better, and I absolutely hate the textures I used so overall I would like some feedback on this.

Thanks in Advance :cool:

(Oh yeah, I forgot to say I’m new to this so…yeah…Not very good… :spin: )


I see somethink but my blody outh… i can’t see anythink turn the lights one and i will tell you what i think about this :]

Sorry, I was going for a night-look but I guess I made it too dark.
(Again, noob-fever over here)
I really like the idea but the way it was executed is bad.


I don’t get what it is i see it but. what the hell is this? So. from the left i see some box with texture/material with some noise? stone? inside we have somethink you want that this is flashing? then on the right we have some plane and then i don’t know what the hell is.

Maybe first of all give us a render from BI with mesh you know grey… that we can see what you are doing and we can create good topology and then if you finish modeling we start creating materials and textures.

@ kramon don’t be so hard :frowning: on noobs

Ishcabibil maybe you could add a lamp very close to your object so that to give it better contrast like a torch at night have one blue light for the night time thing and one low energy (close to object) tan light in your scene. Also you may want to try a different camera angle maybe not so close to your objects and render bigger image…

anyway that’s just my lil ideas, keep it up

I don’t want to be hard sorry if it sounds like that. Btw he is not the noob but newbie. This is important!

Actually it can be more brightnes. But we can see all shapes, but i can!t get what is it.

I’m going to upload a new pic at around 16:00
It’s going to incorporate better lighting and a really bright version so you can actually see it.

I’ll explain this:
The little blue thing in the middle is like a small, thin cardboard card that the character leaves when he steals stuff
The tan and brown plane in the back was supposed to be wallpaper
The Box/cube thing is supposed to be a safe (Y’know…a safe…)
(I would also like to change the texture for the safe)
I didn’t like the window so I scrapped that.
And the first pic is with that tan light (Which I like, Thank you for that idea!)
Then the Second is where you can actually see stuff

So… I’d like to improve on this, hopefully because this is my first real thing I attempted
(And I’m sorry the pics cant be bigger I don’t know how. It says I need a website or something)


You watch ocean’s 12? didn’t you?

So for me, like i was doing this… i will first of all remodel the whole safe. I mean the door of the safe those mmmm you know the hinges, have to be remaded search for some nice safe and modeled it. Then show as the mesh if don’t know how just google blenderInternal and mesh…

So first of all we have to create good safe! then we will create better lion item.

So, no I have not watched Ocean’s 12 :cool: but this is from an old video game called Sly Cooper:yes:.
Anyway, I actually just made the safe a cube because if you look up “Safe” Most are just square-ish. The Hinges were just cylinders and loop cut about four times.
I think I like the wallpaper so I’ll keep that
More feedback on the safe would be great!
(Oh, and I put the scene thingy there too and I guess I would put the material there put its really just a plain grey)

After looking at this I acidently put a default cloud texture but…I think I like it…


I knew I recognized it! :slight_smile:

One thing you should look at is that nothing in the real world has that sharp of an edge. Try beveling your edges. This will allow light to bounce and reflect naturally off the model. And I think to give the scene more interest and focus you could add some loot debris, maybe a couple of gold coins that were left behind in a rush. Keep pushing forward

That’s cool but Uhh…bevel? Does that mean to…soften the edges? Is it a modifier or do I have to go to edit mode and do it myself?

It’s a modifier, it’s called ‘Bevel’. :slight_smile:

Oh duh, I found it.
I’ll put it up later.

So I made it a little lighter, added a shadow to show the guy running away(Thats his foot and tail[he is a racoon]), and I liked the coin thing so I added that:yes:.
(Oh and I looked up some safes and they all seem pretty sharp to me)
The artwork in the game (due to the cel shader engine) is very cartoonistic so I added the shelf with only the shadow of the (very big) diamonds from the game to indicate they were stolen recently and give it a cartoony affect. I would really like to apply this affect to the safe because, unfortunately, everything else looks fake and CG-ed. So I decided to try and make everything as animated as possible without going to far. >>>:confused:Stuff on the Cartoon material would be very helpful.:confused:<<< (And yes I know there is a Toon Shader)

-Until the next render…