Small Apartment

Blender + Cycles
3000 samples


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Nice job, nice interior renders, you are good.

thank you :slight_smile:

This looks great, crisp and clean renderings. - Thumbs up!
Maybe you would like to share some info on the lighting setup and the render settings you used? :smiley:

thank you, the light ist just a hdri from darstellungsart and rendersettings are nothing special:

Just the HDRI, without portal lights in the windows or anything - or pulling the trick with the removed wall behind the camera?
Thank you so much for sharing, I believe that will help me a lot with future interior renderings. :smiley:

Ofc with portals for faster render-times but it doesent rlly change the light. And no fake walls.:smiley:
All kind of tricks give u just unnatural light.

Awesome. - I think I might also have a trick for you. Instead of making one camera for each view, I usually just animate the camera. - Going forward one frame at a time. That way, when it is time to render it is as easy as rendering an animation from e.g. frame 0 to 10 and all of the still images will be rendered with just one click. :wink:

I like to work like a photographer, alle cameras has different dof, focus point, sensorsize and focal length. And i dont want to animate all this stuff. :wink:

Hehe, fair enough. - Anyway, thanks for sharing some background information. :wink:

Nice Work Overall:yes:
But clamping at 1.00 it feels like it is killing a great amount of the indirect light bounces.
And if you’re clamping so low, what’s the benefit of using filmic over default?

Because i still get the better tonemapping with filmic:

Yes, rlly good work. I like the colors and the attention to detail.

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Beautiful composition and light, thanks for sharing your settings!!:wink:

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I’m happy, that you like it

thank you and no problem :wink:

Stunning quality renders bro! I love it, the toning, the colors, the modeling all is really high quality. I wanted to give you a star, but i dont know how that is done.

Do we click the love icon, how can we get image in the top bar now?

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thats what I call photorealism, very nice :grinning:

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thank you very much!

thanks, i appreciate that

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