ok, so , everyone has a skill,

post under this thread,

First your title: example list
Dream Killer (bubble bursting department)

then what skills you have and or assets
+music skill, +animation, +modeling, +materials/texturing, +Coding Logic, +Coding Python, +Producer

and what you are Seeking



animation ik motions

in game offset motions

a python script


Has - low poly modeling skills, basic code skills, logic code skills, asset design, unique artistic style, ability to design systems in software as well as mechanical and electrical (to a very limited extent)

Seeks- Maps, Components(more detail upon request), and another odd request…

I am working on something I am calling “anti-rep-rap” which is using vacuum grown lithography cubes in order to print an object, using a system of adhesives that are dissolvable and also have properties, that can have properties like, conductive, insulating, resistive, capacitive,

so you can build,
build something else…

I need someone who has access to a lithography or sputtering chamber, to “grow” cubes 1mm1mm1mm
and then find a way to stick them to each other that is reversible, and maintains the property over to the next cube’s connections


I could do some modeling for you if you want.Could i model inorganic things like blocks and buildings for example?

Sorry, no. This forum is specifically for people with projects who are seeking others to collaborate with. It is not a place to advertise yourself… even in just one bundled thread.

@BluePrintRandom, if you have a specific project that you’re seeking specific help with, feel free to post that. That is not what this thread appears to be. Closing.