Small house

Hello everybody,
here my latest personal project: a small house, little more than 40 sqm. Video (the main objective) and images rendered in cycles are yet noisy, but i think it’s at acceptable levels (if you dont watch in hd ;)).
Video frames are at 150 samples, images at around 1000.

More images:

and the video:

One of my biggest challenges here was to let fit all fornitures enough confortably in that small space, beside trying to bring down cycles render times.

Hope you like it, c e c welcomed :slight_smile:

Oh nice. I like it. Good amount of details. The clip is nice too.

Good jobs.

Great render, and specially the video. nice creation.

Thanks all for appreciation…i made a night shot, it’s just “technical”, to have an idea about the noise with cycles:

1000 samples * 3 mixed with darken mode. 1000 samples took around 35 min on a gtx660 and is yet very noisy :frowning: I added the glass to the windows, scene is illuminated by a point lamp just over the ceiling lamp and another under the hood, beside very little environment light.

not sure if it will help but have you tried turning on AO to simulate (fake) some of the light and/or go with higher sample?

I don’t think that noise level is acceptable. The rest is fine.

at 1000 samples still so much noise… maybe the whites in your room are the culprit. have you made the walls pure white=100%. if so, that makes tons of noise. the solution would be to turn it doen to about 80% white, that still looks white in renders and produces les noise…same in the lamps, or planes for lightning, pure white produces noise…

Very nice.
Good distribution of furniture in the small space. I liked the “Building Plan” animation.