Small Interior Render

A quick project I did a while ago. 1000 samples.
Criticisms are welcome, especially with lighting and composition/camera angle etc, which I’m not so satisfied with.
I’m aware with the noise issue… I should’ve increased up to 2000 samples

wide angle 28mm

close up

the wide angel is awful. The 2nd picture on the other hand, quite photo realistic and nice looking, only think i don’t really like is the lamp, don’t think it fits well with the rest of the “placeables” you got.

I see… thanks for the critique. I agree, wide angle looks bad and I guess I shouldn’t use wide angles for interior renders. For the lamp I’m not sure, at least for me that is. Should I remove it completely or replace with a different lamp? What do you say about lighting?

Wide angles are fine for interior renders, don’t be afraid to use them. That first pic just feels a little weird because of the composition and image dimensions.

One thing I could suggest is some color adjustment, it’s a bit dark and yellowy for my tastes. I’d brighten it and crank up the blue.

Overall it is quite well done.

Yeah wide angels for interior seems to be a big no no. As for the lamp, i really don’t know, might just be a matter of taste. I also really like how you’ve bent the notebooks on the shelf, used a lattice i take it? Its little details such as those that really add some realism. I like the lighting, but then again im a noob at 3d art, so a more experienced artists might give you a more valuable opinion.

Also the door handler on the cabinet seems a little bit wierd also, both modelling and material.

keep it up.

i thing the ceiling should not be papered, but it’s a matter of taste

I like this, you have obviously spent a lot of time creating all those little details, but I do have to agree on the unusual lamp. A more standard angled desk lamp would probably sit much better with the surroundings. I also think the ceiling should be a nice clean white, which may actually help give a bit more secondary light into the scene and take out some of the yellow cast at the same time.

Having said that, I love the details, the cereal box and the cup, all the books that you’ve spent time unwrapping and there are some nice textures in there too. Looking forward to the revised version - if you decide to of course!

Thanks for all the critiques!! I might look into this one more time.
Will post future renders (hopefully).