Small issue with a Rigged Lamp

I rigged a desk lamp’s rod so that it could look fluid as I moved around the actual lamp bulb and shade.

However, there are always small holes and gaps between the lamp’s rod and then base or the bulb. It’s illustrated here in this screencap. Below is the .Blend.

Blend file:

So does anybody know what I could do so that the lamp rod’s Mesh is always tight with the shade and the base? Thanks as always.

add a copy rotation constraint to the tip of your rig with the target set to LampTop. Then add a Limit rotation constraint to the root bone (don’t limit the z-axis) or remove the bone influence from the bottom most vertices and weightpaint a gradual slope, so it won’t be noticable. Furthermore, to get rid of your edges (unless their intended) weightpaint the bone influence over the actual reach of the bone, gradually falling off. That way it’ll look much smoother


I’ve been working on the first step you mentioned and am having trouble getting this.

Essentially, when I put the Copy Rotation Constraint on the Bone, that’s also the same Bone that I have the IK Constraint on. What happens when I also try to have that Bone copy the roation of the lamp top is just that it basically just rotates itself inside of the lamp top.

What I was thinking about attempting was to have a razor-thin new Bone, assign that to only the tip of the lamp rod, and then try the Copy Rotation Constraint on THAT?