Small issues that need to be solved in Blender - personal opinion

Here’s my small list of things that I believe are not that big issueas but still require developer’s attention. Unlike other users that ask for big features I tend to appreciate small improvements for everyday work of proffessional 3d graphic. So here we go.

In blender 2.49b opening e.g. Specials menu always activated last selected option, merge, smooth, subdivide or any other. However when you open menu having cursor on the top or botom of the screen you receive a kind of an offset to this selection and it’s no longer the one selected before. Quite annoying, when you do the same task (which is common while cleaning topology) repeatedly.

Blender user is not allowed to easily switch from textures of one material to textures of another one. When you are in Texture panel and you select model with another material and another textures Texture panel goes blank. You have to go to Material Panel and Texturel panel again to see what kind of textures does active object’s material have.

Lack of FREEZE option in 3d View (available only in Outliner); still having an option that allows you to disable an object from selecting it is quite handy.

I believe that any new texture creating in Texture panel should be Image with UV coordinates by default, not procedural Clouds.

GLSL View always requires adding lamps to the scene; perhaps there should be some kind of default light set for this option, especially when there are no lapms on the scene. Ading and placing lamps any time we want to see how our maps work is not that efficient.

Very user unfriendly Simple Deform Bend modifier. Simple task for those who thinks it works well - try to change subdivided cuboid into a simple, bended bridge (in other words bend it to a “U” letter shape).

There should be an option that would automaticly add “+1” suffix to our .blend file name. I know it exists as a “plus” icon but it would be nice to activate it every time user uses Ctrl+S shortcut.

Lack of tool that would allow us to select every nth loop/ring (I know it exists as a tool that allows us to deselect parts of our model but it’s very unintuitive solution.

Some of the options like unwrapping, packing islands, averging their scale should not be updated in realtime (sometimes with a heavy topology Blender freezes after sliding a slider of one of these option slightly).

Separating parts of an object according to material should result in creating several objects with only these materials they had assigned before separating. Now they also “carry” materials that are not assigned to any of their faces.

Pack marigin slider is available only in Toolshelf of 3d Viewport whick doesn’t make any sense at all.

It would be great to have Bake shadeless diffuse color for masking, now you need to assign such materials before baking.

And last but not least - it seems that there is something wrong with OBJ exporter. Apparently it destroys normals of an object and in some cases creates file that you cannot import to any other application (I tested it on Max and Softimage). From my obsevations it happens when you have two objects with two materials and non manifold parts (in other words - borders of an open holes in your model). Exporting them at once just doesn’t work. The only solution I found is exporting them without Normals or importing them without Normal data. As an example I attach a .blend file with two objects that cannot be exported at once and then imported to other application. Try it and see whether it works for you.


broken_file.blend (1.13 MB)

Mookie3d, I did want to say that the GSOC Paint builds Psy-Fi has the UV Mapped Image Texture as default when adding a texture.

I don’t know if this is related, but I bake ‘textures’ with no textures, only colored materials assigned to vert groups, and that gives me a shadeless colored map. I delete these colored materials, then set a new one for vertex paint and get the dirt baked, and repeat for a dirt map, but this is still baking ‘textures’. Then of course, after I have painted and set textures together, I can bake them all down to one map… but maybe I am off track here concerning your request.

I agree about the bend modifier (why was it allowed to have the current behavior in the first place, there’s even a patch sitting in a tracker that makes it friendlier, but it was never committed).

Another thing that is missing is that the ‘select random’ operator allows you to add to a select, but not subtract from it, instead you have to abuse the vertex groups option to create a group to deselect after you invoke the operator. What also doesn’t help in this case is that the ‘reveal hidden’ operator does not have an option to show the hidden vertices/edges/faces unselected, which is also a different limitation that could use a resolve.

A thread like this already exists. Let’s keep the discussion in one place.