Small Lore Friendly Weapon Project for Fallout 3 PC

I am currently working on a personal project to add a rail gun (sniper rifle) into the Fallout 3 universe as well as a bit of lore and a small adventure for the player to go through to obtain said weapon. I have an image that I found that I feel should fit within the game environment and have put together a low quality mesh to go with it, I have attempted to begin the process of texturing however my skills in this area are somewhat lacking although I have experience with graphic design. What I really need is an extra set of skilled hands to polish my existing mesh and help with the texturing, I am willing to figure out the animation on my own if others are unwilling to be that involved in the project but I wouldn’t mind if a fellow gamer came across the project and wanted to sink their teeth into this mod. I intend to post the mod on the Nexus when it is finished along with credit for everyone involved in the project.