Small problem with billowing flag

I have made a billowing flag using softbodies, wind, a UV map & weight painting. Everything is fine, except for one thing. I do not know how to make the flag wave for a longer period of time before falloff.

I’m not sure if I’m being clear. If not, please let me know & I’ll give more details.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m not sure but, what if you just add a key in the Ipo and then set the curve (in the Ipo Curve Editor) to fits your needs. For adding a key, just the cursor on the Fields panel and push ikey.

Hope it helps.

Kalispero, thanks for your answer.

I have tried this, but have not had success. That may be because I am new to using IPO curves, and am not manipulating the points in a way that affects the length of time for the wind. I can change the intensity of the wind, but not the length of time.

I will experiment with IPO curves more, and see what happens.

You need some wind! Create an empty, Goto Object>Physics>Fields>Wind

Make it blow out Z and point it at the flag. Experiment with the settings and position until you get it right. I always use cloth for this type of simulation, it reacts better for me. You can then keyframe the wind object to rotate and blow back and forth to get some really big billows.

Kalispero, you were right. I just needed to experiment more, and learn more about using the IPO editor in Blender. Once I used the “V” key to change the curves to angles, and made it nice and “jaggy,” the wind did what I needed. Much like the example on the online Blender manual.