Small studio seeking generalist freelancers

Hey Guys,

We’re looking for some kick ass artists who can help us take on some over-flow work from time to time. Mostly this will be product-video animations. Freelancers will have to be able to light in CG, animate the camera and products (basic keyframe), and do some simulations.

Skills in detailed sculpting and retopo or high-level character animation would also be very helpful from time to time.

These rolls would be by contract and will probably be consistent every few weeks, but not turn into employee roles.

I have set up a google doc that will help me out as I look through all the applicants’ reels from different sources.
Thanks so much for taking the time and interest.


Hello. The link isn’t working.

Do you have a website or something with information about your company?


Not currently. Our company is new and working to build a new reel focused on product-focused animation

Hey Nick! - can you give me some more detail of what’s not working? It seems to be working fine when I click the link

the link worked fine for me :slight_smile:

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I just tried it now. It finally worked. I probably had some network issues.

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Wow Everyone! thank you for so many replies!

Registration is not closed yet, so feel free to sign up if you haven’t yet.

We are now starting to review all of your awesome reels and portfolios. Please be patient as there are a lot of artists to check out. It may be a number of weeks before we are able to start getting in contact with a few of you.

Thanks so much for understanding and if you ever need to update your reel link or day rate, just send a message!

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Just to clarify -
No need to DM me, I will see your portfolio eventually is you’ve filled out the Google form.