Small suburban Eevee house

Sort of personal goal to have similar… One day… :stuck_out_tongue:

Really liking so far the results Eevee can provide (altough the final render was not even close to real time, rather a minute or two with compositor).


Good job with the modeling and texturing! What did you use for the grass?

Glad you like it :smiley: After watching plenty of tutorials I realised that I’m still too lazy to actually properly model grass clumps to scatter them so it’s actually basic hair particles with useful tweaks - strip option to get more thickness, a little bit of “Brownian” physics to give some shape variation, difference in length controlled by texture - plus ofc ground displacement and some variation in colour to complement the effect. And material is just PrincipledBSDF mixed with hint of translucent shader.

More limited than modeled grass but for sort of evenly cut grass lawn kind of works :slight_smile:

Okay. I agree that it works in this kind of scene. I have been very interested in natural scenes recently and have been wondering what other people are doing for grass. Once again, great job!