Small test speedtree and Scatter add-ons

A little test of the Speedtree addon for Blender.
(Still under development).
I used it to import the templates into Blender.
I also used Dorian aka BD3D Addon #Scatter to disperse the vegetation.

PS: Sorry for the noise and resolution, but for testing purposes, I only used 10 samples and took noise out after effects.


Great work !!!
when we will get an altitude and slope vgroup filter, it’s going to be awesome

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Sounds exciting! I’m curious, how did you get Speedtree addon? Is it closed beta or you’re working for them? :upside_down_face:

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They contacted me by email.
(I posted a comment on their original twitter post).

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Oh wow… I had no idea such addon is in works :slight_smile: can’t wait to see how it works…

The addon is under development, but it is quite simple.
Basically it only helps you import models made in speedtree into Blender.
(Importing model and PBR materials and wind animation).
The scattering of the trees in my scene is a result of the @ BD3D addon.

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Oh that is awesome. Yeah any type of bridge would be cool. Create in speedtree and boom an asset to scatter. You created the video above with all the trees? How large was it?

OMG I want so bad to make tree scatters like this. I have speedtree and other trees. How easy was it to incorporate into scatter?