Smart Fill Addon 1.4.0 - Blender 2.9.3


  • New options in the add-on settings to easily change all of Smart Fill’s hotkeys.
  • Updated Smart Fill code to work on Blender 2.93
  • should work on earlier versions as well.

What it does

This addon extends the functionally of the fill tool that by default is mapped to the F key in Blender.


  1. Combines,Grid fill,fill,Bridge edge loops, and much more - all on the f-key.
  2. Grid fill several holes at once.
  3. Grid fill open loops as well.
  4. popup dialog with all the options (can be turned off).
  5. make arches, super fast (still can be improved)
  6. Shift + CTRL adds extra functions depending on the operation,here are a couple of examples:

a. Normal fill, CTRL+MMB add loopcuts. SHIFT+MMB adds twist.
b. Bridge edge loops, same as above.
c. Grid fill, CTRL+MMB Change offset value. SHIFT+MMB change span value.

  1. ctrl + MMB up. repeat last value.
  2. Works with the F2.
  3. Context sensetive, works in all modes.

You can get the Addon here:


This is cool. Does it interfere with the F2 addon if you have it installed?

Hi!, It works perfect with F2 addon. If you have any suggestions let me know!

should be part of master i think

It really feels like a natural part of Blender because it just is so much more logical. My next addon will add more functions to the ctrl and shift key and sort of does the same thing but for 20 commands in both 3d view and the uv editor it’s gonna be great!

I got it and gave a try. Simple but I would say over time it would save me some time.
What would be cool is if after filling/bridging the gap between two faces you got some options similar to those of the Bridge Edge Loops like “number of cuts”, “twist” etc.

it seems that we can pay only with cards > no paypal or similar?

That i super wierd, Let me check that out for you. I actually noticed that recently when i tried to buy something myself from another guy on Gumroad. Maybe it’s some kind of new rule that has been updated together with the new 10$ monthly fee thing. I will get back to you on this!

What a great idea! i will look into that for sure!

Very nice addon. Just one thing to think about is that sometimes you would actually want to fill several border holes without bridging them so what I would suggest is adding a “cap holes” checkbox in the F6-menu for when you want that behavior. Similar to what 3DS Max does.


Thats a very good point, this is the only downside i could find myself with this addon i just think that the benefit is much bigger compare to what you loose. I will do my best to implement that for sure in the next update. I am not a programmer myself and have to hire a guy to help me write the code, i just stand for the ideas.

Thanks for the feedback Ninth Jake!

Cool, bought the plugin. I completely agree with Toshi, this needs to have edge loops and twist put into it.

Another one I can think of is Arch. If you’ve looked at Zbrush r7 it has the ability to bridge two faces and create an archway between them. Combining that with twist would be great as well.

That is some great feedback, that is great to hear. Please follow me on my gumroad page and you will get a mail soon with some updates on what i plan to do. I will make a list of the feedback i have gotten so far and how i plan to solve it.

Will it be enought with just having theese option in the “t” panel or would you prefer to get all of thoose settings like floating sliders over where you are working?

The Reason my Gumroad page are missing the Paypal option when you try to pay right now is because of Gumroad. I will try to upgrade my account today and hopefully it will start to work again. Gumroad claim that this is not a way for them to more money from their users, its a matter of to much traffic to paypal,and for some reason paying 10 usd/month solves that. They promise to get Paypal up and running even for non premium users soon.

+1 to cap holes functionality. Looks like a great little plugin, though… I’ll keep this on my watch list until a future update. My current holdup is that I often have to “solidify” assets to turn them from normal 3d models (often with deleted backfaces) to 3d-printable watertight meshes, and in many cases I simply use the hotkey sequence: control-alt-shift-m (select non-manifold edges), f (fill), control-t (triangulate), alt-j (convert tris to quads). Automatic bridging would create havoc in this situation, but for normal box modeling tasks, I would definitely use your “Smart Fill” features.

Thanks for the feedback!,

I plan to do it like this:

If you press f two times you cap instead of bridge. if you hold control and scroll your middle mouse wheel you will add more cut, if you scroll using shift you will twist.

I also plan to add options in the preference,giving users the choice what type of sliders you prefer to popup on the screen when you use the f command, and of course turn off if you prefer it that way. I think it’s important with options so that people feel that they can tweak it to work like they want.

Great, sounds like a good idea. I will be sure to follow you on Gumroad.

Okay Now Paypal works!

bought the addon, well done !

Maybe the addon could do somthing like this.

bought. 1$ what a steal.