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$ Paid
There used to be a node setup on Blender Market called Stencil Kit. I bought it, and it works, sort of. The bottom, height-based grunge is excellent, and works in Evee and cycles. However, Edge wear and cavity grunge are based on subdivision, making them impractical (I’d have to unnecessarily add a subdiv mod to everything, adding to render times).

What I need:
-Edge wear
-Cavity grunge

Both adjustable (spread, texture). Both NOT based on subdiv. Both future proof in the 2.9 series, which I think is supposed to be stable for 5 years. The node groups need to be clean, and easy to implement.

The images show the nicely functioning bottom grunge, the manual page from Stencil kit showing edge wear and cavity dirt, and how the cavity dirt works on Suzanne (needs 2 levels of subdiv).

I’m not sure what to offer. $50? More if it’s going to take a lot of work. It really depends on the quality of your finished product. I’m happy to pay for quality, and I’m not cheap.

This seems to fix the requirement for higher poly models:

Hello, Luis. Thanks for your reply. I’m going to try this first, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll get back to you.

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I am the creator of that addon. If it doesn’t fit your needs perfectly I’m available to make something custom for you, just let me know.

Hello Abdoubouam,
I’m playing with Grungit now (that’s the addon you mean, I think). It works fairly well, but isn’t suited for what I need, as it requires baking, and non-overlapping uv’s. I make buildings, so I use cube unwrap a lot (fast unwrap, messy uv’s). So, do you think you can make something like this?
-No baking needed
-Not based on UV’s

The original Stencil Kit is perfect for my needs, but again, high poly geometry needed. Stencil Kit is no longer supported.

Emailed you, Luis.

Yes, that would be relatively easy to implement, but it has some drawbacks :

  • It doesn’t work with EEVEE
  • Render speed will increase a LOT, by 5-10x, or even more (depends on the quality/accuracy you want)
  • If you’re using an RTX Card you either need the latest experimental 2.92 builds to render with your GPU using Optix, or just use CUDA, which is a bit slower

Is that okay?

-No Evee is ok.
-Render speed will increase a lot - I think you mean decrease. That’s ok. It is what it is.
-I want it to work with non-experimental builds, and be very stable. Here’s my computer info (picture).
Cycles render at about 2 samples per second on my 4k monitor (64 samples renders in about 32 seconds).

My primary need is stability, no special hardware or builds, and ease of use.

That won’t be a problem. Feel free to send me a PM if you’d like more info

Nevermind, all. I found a perfect solution. Thanks, anyway, and sorry for any trouble. It really took a lot of digging.

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