Smarter F2 Testers needed

hi, not sure if there is a thread about this but I need testers anyway!
Smartf is quite good in my tests, doing F2 addon stye face building & in some cases much better.
My concern was users use F2 & integrate into their addons, so I asked the author to merge the 2.
Sort of like a legacy mode, which is F2 original & Smartf mode is the options panel mode.
Link to addon: in last post

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note, only have 2 days to test, please if yo use this type addon, let me know your results.

In my tests, SmartF doesn’t work properly with curved geometry, I fiddled around with the settings but couldn’t solve the issue.

hi, thanks for test, you don’t need to switch between the two addons, there’s a switch in the smartf panel to turn on f2
also, areas it does work well are of interest too :slight_smile:

I watched the video and tested the addon, a good idea for addon but there are some problems with its use. (Win 64- Blender 2.78c)

Good starting idea