Smartphone product design inspired by Commodore Amiga 500

This is an imaginary product I designed by mixing original Commodore Amiga 500 and Workbench look&feel with a modern smartphone. All that took a few days evenings from concept to finish.

This is probably my first deviation from strict subdivision modeling rules since a long time, this time I tried to use simple shapes and mix them using BoolTool and Bevel modivfiers. That of course does not guarantee such high quality like pure-quad and clean-topology subdivision modeling, but is somewhat faster while doodling and playing with shapes.

Shut up and take my money. :smiley:

Nice concept and render! The only things I miss here is DPaint IV and Agony :slight_smile:

Nice looking render!, how do you get this gradient in your lamp reflection?.


Thanks. The lamp itself is a plane with emissive gradient applied, this way I had better control over reflection.