Smashing 300 iPhone 6

I made a little video with some animations/simulations I did with Blender 2.71 and Cycle.
It took me almost 6 days to render all the scenes.

I would have gone up to 1000 iPhone, but I quickly ran out of RAM memory at 500, along with the viewport becoming a slideshow :stuck_out_tongue:

Samples varied from 20 (some scene came out pretty clean with few samples) to 500.

In the video:

  • Drop Fall of 100 iPhone 6
  • Drop Fall of 300 iPhone 6
  • Bending Test of 1 iPhone 6
  • Wall made of 66 iPhone 6

I’m not really satisfied from the Bending Test, as I wanted to use the SoftBody simulator, but due problem of it not colliding with anything without any reason, I just had to go for cloth simulation.

I don’t do many animations, and if I do are usually intros (Like the one in this video) or really short experiments, but with this one I played a lot with dof, nodes and Graph Editor trying to get best results, so tell me what do you think about it. Thanks for the attention.

Sorry for the noisy image up here, but it’s quite late and I need some sleep x|
Will update that one soon.

Needs more broken glass and screens cutting out.

But… but not enough RAM D: