Smile game

I am working on a game with the smilies from The angel and the devil. This is the basic gameplay. I am still working on realistic controls, the map, a menu, level editor, uv textures, and lots more. But with this gameplay down it makes a demo. So here it is. Crits and comments welcome.
Thanks to and their textures. Also thanks to Quandtums crate on Thanks all!

Angel character

Devil Character


the layout of the map so far.

Here is the file

if that one doesnt work:
AND if that one doesnt work:
Crits and comments welcome!
And thanks to and his something or other. Thanks anyway!
EDIT: forgot the controls
1st player = wasd movement- i = look up - k = look down- spacebar = shoot
2nd player = arrows movement - 5 = look up - 2 = look down - 0 = shoot
i know the bullets aren’t realistic… thats the way i want them

Looks nice , but how much time you have dedicated to this game?

Not alot…yet. I know it is nothing yet but i am still proud of what i have so far. I know it totally sucks right know but every game starts somewhere, right.

Exactly! That’s the perfect attitude:) My game started as a 2d platformer on Game maker and has since escalated into a full-fledged 3d commercial indie game on the UDK! :slight_smile:

cool but (noob question) how did you get it in to first person view with the ammo bar and stuff on screen?

Just did an overlay scene with the healthbars where i needed them.
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Lol holy moly I just saw that! O.o What’s funnier is I didn’t even notice… it’s your fault for making soo many!! ;D jk

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