smile that never reached the eyes


very nice work basse.

i allways find your works interesting.

but i still dont agree on the writen title on the canvas,but thats just my egoist opinion.

What? No coffee?

It’s quite cool as always. I find the following bit a tad distracting… breaks the balance of the composition for me.

I was going to say that you’re the Gimp’s Ornette Coleman but maybe more like Stravinsky.


I agree with the distracting bit, maybe you could give it the same treatment as the stuff below it (with the fuzzies) and make it blotchy. That might help. But overall, it’s a great piece of work, man!

And half the stuuf that basse does, I have no idea what the hell it is! -@ndy from those videos wu made

simply beautiful! :smiley:

oooh. replies … :slight_smile: thank you.

hmm, about that stuff you felt broke the composition. well, you know, it’s actually my palette. sort of. first things I put in there. little red, yellow, white and black… just quick slaps to try out couple of brushes too. it’s easy to ctrl-click to grab the colors from those… and you know… when you see them there all the time while you are painting, you kind of start liking them there…
and when you are finished, you don’t have the heart to remove them… and… you couldn’t even do that, if you used real paper. things stick…

smudge on the paper… now what is nicer than that?


Hahaha, I thought it was a flower in a vase!

it sort of is. thats what I mean.


This one feels rougher and less defined than you previous works. I think it works for this piece, but personally, I prefer your more fluid and smoother works.


Wow! Looks like a Magic TG card!

Abstract Collector (2)


Tap to draw two random cards from your library.

In the days of the Gimpwacoms, smiles rarely ever reached the eyes of the abstract collectors.

Heh, nice work.