smilies error

(stephen2002) #1

there seems to be a bug in the smilies system. The thing for this smilie 8 is just the number eight. When you click on the icon to the right when posting you get the number eight and “)”.

The system does not seem to be looking for occurences of both the number and “)” but rather just the number.

Some tests
just the first character the full symbol
8 8)
; :wink:
: :smiley:


(stephen2002) #2

dang, what!? so NOW it works properly. Just the other day I posted “Blender v1.8” and got "Blender v1. 8) "

(acasto) #3


(Vidigiani) #4

did you by change put Blender 1.8 in parenthesis like so:

and I was using Blender (Blender 1.8)


(stephen2002) #5

yes, I might have done that… oh well