Smilodon skull

This is old work, but i’ve never posted it here…
A Sabertooth (Smilodon Fatalis) big cat skull.

Was also 3d printed (at Sculpteo, good service) :




Great looking results, Galgot! It’s amazing to see your 3D model transition from the virtual world to the physical. Was it difficult to design the two pieces to connect together for the print?

Thanks :slight_smile: No , wasn’t difficult. I did some notches with boelean with some axis on the jaw part, and some small hooks on the main skull. was looking good and fuctional in 3d, but once printed i’ve found all that was too small. The notches was filled with printing material (white plastic), so i had to clean it up with a cutter.
In the end the parts fit is tight enough to stay in place in any position, closed or opened jaw.