Smoke Domain Box not welcome in Normal pass e Z Depth pass!

Sometime I use Z pass or Normal pass ( i.e. for removing noise with Bilateral blur)
Now I’m playing with smoke but I notice that the smoke domain is in my Z Pass and Normal Pass.
This is completely unuseful!

Do you know how preserve smoke shape but not smoke domain?

Thank you!

Really today there is no solution?! :eek::slight_smile:

You can but you have to create a new Render Layer with an overrided material that renders only the normals or the z depth.

Geometry : Normal > Emission > Material Output
Camera Data : View Z Depth > Emission > Material Output

I made a quick test and it seems to work fine that way with normal and Z.
Unfortunately, it increases render time but at least it works.

Thank you VincentG for help! Maybe I ask too much but, can you share a .blend? I try your method but maybe I do something wrong.

Yes of course.
And I’m glad you asked because I had forgotten to multiply my normal and depth value by the density of the smoke.
The disadvantage of this method is that you need to render the smoke separately than your other objects. Which is a good thing anyway to work with more than one layer.

I did it with Cycles but I’m sure that’s also possible on BI.
You can download the file here.

Hope it helps and that’s usable in your project.

Normal pass shader

Depth pass shader

Render layers and results

Just to show the difference between the default normal pass output.

Thank you friend! Tonight I will try!
It seems to be the solution.
In debt!

I got it! It works!
All the process is a nice ride!!:smiley: Because now I should “mix” the normal of the smoke with the normal of the rest,( and Z too) in order to apply a bilateral blur filter (like in this tutorial for reducing noise
Many thanks!