Smoke Domain renders as a block in Eevee

Hi there,

just getting annoyed from a short render of a smoke simulation which does not appear as it should. In fact, the domain remains as a “solid” block of smoke, even in final render images. Deleting bake and make new bake does not help. Setting higher/lower smoke resolution size does not help

I did several smoke simulations within the same project and they work fine.

Any idea what could be wrong here? Even if I make a final render in Cycles, the domain is still “blocky”. But I want my project rendered in Eevee anyway.

I found out, that cutting the connection between the color ramp and the volume shader did help. But I dont know why that is. Also strange, because in other smokde domains I have those connections between the nodes and it works in the render and in the viewport.

Anyone knows why?

Might be because the volume info node is not supported in eevee? But i could not any info if its supported or not. Try disconnecting it and only the ramp with something else to see if that works.

The Volume Info node should be supported in eevee as it is not otherwise declared. But what I found out was, that disconnecting the path from explicitly the emission strength of the Volume shader solves the problem.
After all it makes sense, as Eevee does not support emission, or rather does not allow emission “material” to emit light, just adds brightness to color. So the solution is, not using the emission input, so having the emission strength set to 0 in Volume Shader, if you are not willing to use Cycles.

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Right, i missed where you connected the nodes too. Yes emission is not working with current eevee but might change in 3.2.

The grey box is because the color ramp left chit is not totally black. You have to supply some zero. It’s blocky because you multiplied it to high with a value of 12.5. Density is like audio, if you turn it up too loud, it distorts.

Thanks for the hint. Totally was not aware of that, but it seems that it does not solve the issue while I have emission strength greater than 0. So not using emission is ok for me