Smoke Flickering Problem

My final smoke render comes out very glitchy and I can’t resolve why.

Here’s a video link:

Here’s also my domain settings:

Smoke is emited by a simple plane with default flow settings. I rendered this in 2.79 version to test smoke rendering on my RX 470.

Try it without adaptive domain. Also render out to image (not video) pngs/or exr usually, and then create a video after rendering out the frames. The sim and rendering takes a lot of memeory and you don’t want the updating video file to stay in memory at the same time.

I always render seperate images and I was actually thinking it could be adaptive domain. Thanks, I will try it out.

Great, that solved my problem! But now it takes a long time to bake. Is there a way to solve this issue? Why would they even put an adaptive domain if the result is bad?