Smoke issues

Hello all,

I’m working on a project where I need smoke, but for some reason, it will not render.

The scene also includes grass (other particles) if that’s worth mentioning. Also, there appears to be nothing wrong with the way that I’ve created the smoke - I did the same steps in a new file and it rendered perfectly. Finally, I changed lighting and background colour, just in case, still no smoke…

Anybody know what’s going on?

Ok… I don’t know why my problem occurred but I’ve worked round it.

When I added the smoke in the middle of the file that i was working on, it did not render. However, when I started a new file, created the smoke first, and then appended everything else from the old file in - it worked perfectly. No idea why, so any solutions would be welcome…
I’m assuming it’s a bug unless anyone knows of a reason

This is no problem in Smoke at all. Try Rebaking. ( I am using 249b ) See my smoke in my vimeo channel

Yes… 2.49b - I’m using 2.57b - with the actual smoke physics

Did you set the material to data and change the texture to voxel data?