Smoke not being rendered

Hi all!

I’ve been learning Blender and started to work on a animation that use smoke!
The smoke was being rendered, but somehow it stopped and I can’t tell why!

Since I cannot post links for now, here’s what you need to add after the .com of the dropbox website: /s/vllqywlpr8yinhw/TheBigT1.blend?dl=0 (it’s my blend file)
I hope someone will be able to figure out what I did wrong :smiley:
Thanks all!

I also used Gimp And Inkscape for this! :slight_smile:

Bake the smoke simulation in the Smoke Cache panel

Result (note the odd colour cast since you omitted to supply the textures in your blend file)

Thanks for your quick reply Richard!
It might be me, but it doesn’t seems to work for me.
With the emitter and under the ‘‘particle’’, i’ve baked particles.
I also did it with the domain under the ‘‘physics’’.

Thanks again!

Open your blend file
Bake smoke cache (see image) until complete
Go to a frame with the smoke and press F12 to render. That’s all I had to do

Thanks again!
It still doesn’t work for me, do you know any other reasons it wouldn’t?
I render from my GPU, could it affect the rendering of the smoke?
Could it be the texture of the background, somehow?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just wanna say i’ve found the reason/solution!
I was rendering with my GPU because I’ve read somewhere it was supposed to render faster.
I’ve put in back to the CPU, and now it render the smoke.
I can’t tell why since it’s my first time using blender/ or any program of that type!

Though it could be usefull for others!

It tells you why in the manual