Smoke/Particle Freezing, unfreezing

Hey all - so I have a scene where I have the camera moving along a ship (an ocean ship, but I plan on doing the same thing for a space scene). I have smoke simulators going off at specific times to make the onboard guns appear to fire - the smoke simulator is amazing and does a great job with this (technically I’ve just created explosions, but on their sides) - now what I want to do is to stop the camera, freeze the entire frame, and then move around everything in the frame while “time” is frozen. After that I want to complete the animation and have the firing sequence complete from another angle.

Also… I have been spending way too much time on baking - I’ve set up separate domains with separate simulations, all baking at once. What I really want to do in the future is bake one explosion, then be able to copy that explosion a number of times, and just move it around, maybe rotate it to make it look different from another explosion in the scene. Is that possible?