Smoke Problems

I have have some strange problems using the “smoke engine”

the smole in the viewport appears on a different position and size as in the rendering… see attached files.
The smoke emmitter is an animated object… ->hit alt-a to see.

Any ideas welcome:)

edit: attachement added (blend file)


ge1.blend (489 KB)


Smoke rendering is in development.
This is known bug.

hey meelis,
thx for your reply.

btw superb avatar;)

I saw a lot of animations using rendered blender smoke and wonder about some workaround?
Any one knows what could i do to avoid this?

Thx i found it from internet, just smal edit with text in PhotoShop.

nice physics blend file, not much smoke though.

This might be due to scaling of the domain cube. Before setting things up might need to apply scale (Ctrl+A)


oops i uploaded the wrong file…
Now the right one

Yes it seems that your right. you need to have correct scaling BEFORE setting up a smoke domain.
Applying afterwards does not help.

Thx so far!

EDIT: Real strange, i cant get the uploaded scene set up correctly.
I disabled smoke domain and flow object and even deleted the particles. Scale and rot is applied. Freed all baked (just to be shure) No matter what i do! -wrong render…
I made a complete new scene from scratch and everything is fine!?


smoke.blend (907 KB)