Smoke Questions

I still can’t get my renders to look as cool as my viewport. The main problem, is that I can’t color the smoke. It changes color in the viewport but stays grey in the render. What do I do? Also, the domain casts a shadow, is there a way for the smoke to cast a shadow without the domain?

Smoke colour - how did you make the smoke sim. Did you use the ‘Quick Smoke’ option sthat sets everything up for you so you just need to change the colour in the Smoke settings for the smoke flow object ?

Also, the domain casts a shadow, is there a way for the smoke to cast a shadow without the domain?
For the material on the objects receiving this shadow have you enabled the ‘Receive Transparent’ option in the Material / Shadow settings ?

Receive transparent works but it looks shadeless for some reason, why is that? Also, I set the smoke up with a domain, particle system, and an emitter.

Show us what you have - screenshots and blend file

screenshot of viewport (looks awesome, until I render)

Play with these a bit… Nice model!

Thanks! Probably the best work I’ve done this summer. Also, I’ve played with those shading settings a bit, but it didn’t work. I modified the domain since then, Ill try again and tell you how it goes.

Worked! but it looks terrible. If anyone can get a render similar to the viewport I showed, could you send me the file? I would appreciate it as this compliments the model just like good textures

I like how sharp and unblended the viewport smoke looked. Like, the smoke didn’t blend in with the air, it cut through it. Any way to reduce scattering and make it sharper? Or maybe more transparent in places?

I’d suggest checking/upping High resolution and Divisions, however i can’t check that - my hardware is not appropriate for this task.

What might cause graininess is Domain - Integration - Step Calculation - Step Size value. By default it is 0.2 -try to set it 0.05 or something.

There is NRK’s Cloud thread - clouds shouldn’t be much different from smoke. Another worth checking is developer’s blog

I lowered the step size to .05 and it raised my render time by like X8. Doesn’t look much better either, took me a couple minutes to find a difference. As for resolution, I have done that and it looks great. Thanks