Smoke rendering problem


I have this simple smoke simulation but when I render it I get many little renders of it one next to another. How can I fix this?

Thanks, Blendermonkey

can we see your voxel data texture settings please?

sure, these are the smoke settings

and these are the fire settings

i think you need to set your mapping coorodinates to object, if i remember correctly…

It didn’t work :frowning:

can’t understand what it is then :stuck_out_tongue:
try re applying the voxel data texture, just do the smoke and see if that works…

Can U have a look at the blend?

I had the exact same problem! Ever since blender 2.54, with the newer smoke settings, every single time I’ve tried to render smoke, I get that weird smoke texture effect (multiple images of the voxel data) :frowning:

The one thing that I have noticed, is that this error seems to occur every time I scale the domain object. Either in Object Mode, or Edit Mode, as soon as I do this, the texture coordinates get all screwey. This is a bug that really needs to be fixed for 2.57!

it doesnt just seem to be that, the smoke simulator has never messed up like that before for me.
i’m stumped…

hey yeah, I remember scaling the whole scene after everything was done. Maybe that’s the problem. I’ll remake that part and will keep you updated :smiley:

nope, didnt work :frowning:

Hmmm. That’s interesting. Smoke always renders correctly when I scale my domain back down to 1. Anything other than 1, and I get weird results.

Hmm, that looks like what you get when scaling the domain in edit mode. If this occured after scaling in object mode, things are weird…

I did adjust it in edit mode… This time I’m going to reconstruct everything from the beginning

yeah, it’s painful, but foolproof.

I remade everything and it works, guess the problem was that I re sized it in edit mode.
Thank U all for you help, everything turned out great :smiley:
btw does anyone know how I can make my smoke a bit less grainy?

Material -> Volume -> Integration -> Step Size (reduce that value a lot):