Smoke renders very strangely in Eevee

Ok so this is driving me nuts. I open Blender, add a quick smoke on the default cube. I try rendering it in Cycles. It works! I switch over to Eevee and it behaves in the strangest of manners as so you can see on the screenshots. I think it has to do with the Volume density info: it sems like Eevee can’t handle the data from there and instead applies a thin volume to the WHOLE SCENE instead.
Feels like this should be a common problem but I haven’t found anyone mentioning it so far.

I’ve attached a simple blend file. Just open it and see if you too get my problem.
(I tried it with both 2.9 and 2.83. The problem occurs in both)

untitled.blend (859.2 KB)

No-one? Pls I really want this too work. Smoke takes forever to render in cycles

I’m not seeing the issue when I load your scene. The light is different, of course, but the smoke is the same.

Now that’s odd… I guess I better report this then, whatever the cause might be :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing my file!