Smoke Sim with Fire spreads in a Grid-Like manner.. HELP

Hi everyone. Im a Junior VFX artist in a Japanese Game studio Based in Tokyo
Ive been using mantaflow to simulate realistic smokes for realtime game FX.

Right now Im using a smoke simulation to create a Puff of smoke to use as a Frame anim for particle system.

once I bake the simulation, I noticed that they expanded in a Grid. Very ugly and not usable.
First I thought oh this is just a Resolution Problem. so I went ahead and increase the Res from 64 to 256.

the result was better, but I can still see the smoke expanding in a grid, just, thinner grid this time.

64 Resolution

Whats the reason behind this and how can I fix this?

スクリーンショット 2021-07-20 140214
here is the result in 256 res, its better, but you can still see the grid shapes

Have you tried enabling the “noise” option in the domain with good upsampling?

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thank you for the suggestion, i figured the only way to make this better is either using the noise as you suggested, or increase the resolution itself.

i wish there was a more optimal way to create more iterations in shorter times, but i guess this is the only way for now.

Thanks again!

Using both options together will give you more intricate results however that will also increase the computational complexity.

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yes sir, by the way if you could share with me your standard pipeline for creating a smoke simulation effect, to use in a game production, or whatever you know. I would be forever thankful :slight_smile:

If you have any vorticity try turning that off. Or if you have a turbulent noise remove that. They are pretty broken at the moment.

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