Smoke Simulation (can't get it to look right)

I have this planet, and I want to add some smoke around it. Make it look sweet, give it an atmosphere type look, that type of thing. I put the flow object inside my planet, and the domain outside. I need it to look wispy-er, thin-er, and there needs to be ALOT less of it. I’ve played around with the settings, and I can make it look better, but not near what I want. One of my main issues is that the camera has to be inside the d0main or else it renders this big black ball where my planet should be. But if I make my domain big enough to put the camera inside it, I can’t make the smoke stay next to the planet.

I dunno, It just looks so far off that I feel like i’m doing something entirely wrong and that just tweaking the settings might not get me the look I want. I can up the resolution, and that helps some, but still not what I need.

How can I get this look:

When I currently have this: