Smoke simulation - collision object gap

Hi guys,

could you please help me with solving this problem:
I created a simulation of a floating smoke based on smoke. When the smoke comes close to a collision object it doesn’t “touch” it but there is still a big gap even though I set Divisions to 256 (and Smoke high-res Divisions to 5).

Thank you for any advices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same problem here, did you fix it?

Same here, anyone got a solution?

So three people with the same problem and none of them share .blend file scene showing the problem? :spin:


It’s default settings. There is a space between the roof of the cube and the smoke.

On another note, I used append, and copied the objects from the provided .blend file, into a different .blend scene. I put the emitter inside of a building, with a plane roof and floor and an open window. The emitter didn’t generate any smoke. I did Free Bake and then Bake again. I know it’s the EXACT same settings since I used append. It’s confusing man. Maybe there isn’t enough space, since it generates smoke from a large area surrounding the emitter mesh, not just the emitter mesh. Is there a way to make it only emit from the mesh and not a huge radius around the mesh?