Smoke simulation pixel rendering

I followed a tutorial online step by step for learning the smoke simulation. Immediately within the first render the tutorial render looked smooth, where as mine looked very low res and blocky. Since then, I have made many more smoke and flame scenarios with a multitude of settings changes. My last one I had the render resolution set at 1000x1000 and 100%. I had my resolutions at 64 and 3 within the domain settings. In theory I should have gotten a very clear render. I did notice a difference in the quality of the smoke in 3d view. Yet, I still get a low res blocky look on my renders. This applies also to the animation I made. No matter what I change I cannot seem to affect this. I am using Blender 2.61 on a dual core, 8gb ram, 512 nvidia video card. I am also using Windows 7 64 bit. I do not have this issue on other drawings and renders. My 148 kb jpg is not uploading as of yet to show the end result. I will hopefully get attached later. Thanks ahead of time for the help.

It would seem that I should have spent a little more time reading other posts first. The problem was in materials. The step integration needed to be set to constant.