Smoke Simulation Tests

I’m trying to get a strong understanding of the smoke simulator and the different effects that are possible with it. So far I’ve gotten a decent understanding of the materials and textures and how they affect the look of the smoke. Now I’m just trying to understand more about how the different settings of the domain affect the smoke sim.

Here is my first test, just a smoke sim in a wind tunnel.

This looks like a very good render, what resolution did you use, and how long did it take to make it?

I would also suggest looking at:

This goes through the use of the smoke particles effect and how it can be used to create high quality fire effects in blender.

Thanks, I’m actually working on a new render now. This was set to 64 divisions, with a smoke high resolution setting of 3 divisions. Oh yeah I have definitely watched that tutorial several times. I’m most likely going to move onto fire next. I just want to have a strong understanding of smoke first.

Nice test!
I think it’s time I create another smoke animation. :smiley: