Smoke simulation

So I’m making an explosion in 2.91 for a character to appear in it, and I don’t know why but I’m getting this result a 200 resolution, I want the smoke and fire to look plain and smooth like this :

not all dissipated and fuzzy like I have.
Could you help me solving this issue ?

I guess your image is not a render but a viewport display screenshot, isn‘t it?
You may want to set the density attribute quiet high to get the wanted result.
Did you try that? Can you post an actual render with material settings for the smoke?

Thanks for the response, I don’t think it really comes from the render but really the simulation, here is a viewport preview render :
The fire desapear at one moment you see it better on the bottom left corner it is making little dots
I have another frame also :
and here the viewport preview render
You can clearly see some dots

I recommend this tutorial for the smoke:

And this for the explosion:

Because it looks like you are doing a lot of things wrong to achieve this effect.

And if you want this smooth looking effect, I would do it seperately from the explosion to have more control.

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I’ve already watched both, I didn’t tell you want I wanted to achieve.
I want to make an explosion in the hair, like out of nowhere and once it touches the floor make a wind blow forward, hence, the smoke be pushing back and reveling my character. Is it clear ? Tell me If you want me to reformulate

Are you using Eevee or Cycles engine?
Could you share the .blend file of your scene here?

Hello, I’m going to bed, but tomorrow I’ll prepare you a file and share, thank you for helping me

The file don’t want to upload here, where could I upload it ?

What is the size of the file?
You can upload files up to 24MB here:

After the upload is complete, you should share the resulting website link here.

it’s 700 MB

That is really a lot. You try to simplify the scene leaving only the elements that matter regarding the thread, the character and the smoke simulation. Delete everything else remaining and you save the .blend file with a different name than your project, then share that .blend file.

Ok I’ll do that, please don’t mind me If it comes very late I’m pretty busy rn

by the way may I ask you what is your native language ?

Spanish, but if you speak Spanish too you continue writing in English which is the standard and recommended in the forum.

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Hello, here there is another file, I’ve got the same problem and I don’t know why Smoke and fire.blend (1.1 MB)

In principle you are using a basic default setup and Eevee. You did not configure a proper Smoke + Flame (fire) shader for the Domain material, and in Properties panel and Render tab > Volumetrics you did not enable “Volumetric Shadows” which is very important to get the details in smoke for Eevee.
Here your modified file and using an old procedural shader for smoke and flame that I had downloaded from somewhere:
Smoke and fire_mod.blend (1.2 MB)

You look for tutorials in this regard, such as the following:

Here is the tutorial for the procedural shader I used:

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I’m using cycle I think the answer is not in the shader
This is the viewport render with cycle, I still have dots but it’s a little better