Smoke Stack

final version of my stack :smiley:

new version smoke

Jason, ta bo?

Very good, the smoke needs some work, especially when it comes out the stack

Nice work on the tower textures.
Good job.


Great work! I love the pieces… I cant decide weather I like the black and white or the color version better. My only suggestion would be to do some work wtih the smoke… unfortunately I dont know what it needs exactly because I dont have much experience with particals. Anyway, once again, beautiful work!

I work now on new version with better smoke.

If that wasn’t posted here, I would have easily accepted it as a photograph and never would have considered it as a rendering.

Looks good! Maybe you could look for a higher resolution stone texture. And/or lower the filter setting at the texture buttons. And the color version is much better :smiley:

are u using shaded halo? if not - try it (a little button in the material settings). + it seems that you are not using the unified renderer (a little button in the render settings) - try that also

I submit new version of smoke from my stack.

I like the smoke on the new one. The whole render looks very nice.


Excellent work. Textures are awesome. Lighting is fantastic and the new smoke, (and yes I did see the old one), is 100% better in this version.

Great work.


I didn’t see the original so I was wondering why people were going on about the smoke. The smoke in that new image looks great.

The textures do look good in that they match the scene well but the tower textures are too blurry. Also, I can’t tell if you applied a bump map or not. If not, adding one would be nice. Just modify the brick texture map so the bricks are black and the cement is pure white. You might even get away with applying the texture as a bump map directly - I’ve done that before, it’s sometimes very effective.

Overall, very nice work.

Yes i used Nor(bumpmap). 0.10
Maybe this is small… I maybe will change up intensity(nor).

Very realistic render (although I didn’t see the first one so I don’t know how the smoke or anything was). But I also wasn’t able to tell there was a bumpmap on it… Increasing intensity would probably be a good idea.

Just saw the new smoke and it’s tons better then the old smoke, not it’s a lot more real :slight_smile: