Smoke system based clouds

Decided I’d try to make some clouds. About 45 minutes in, and have some cool results, so I thought i’d share. I changed the title to be less misleading. In maya this is called a fluid effect :slight_smile: changed the title to reflect the fact that this is smoke.

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That… is… AMAZING … :open_mouth:

holy crap!!!

looking great! Did you manage to find a sim setup that will allow you to use this technique also for animations or is it good just for a still?

However, good work! :wink:

im waiting for smoke in cycles before i make stuff with it

This was developed as a still technique. My guess is I could get it to look decent as an animation, but just like film, each situation deserves it’s own methods. I may be using this stuff for a small short with a buddy of mine. If we end up using it, and extending it to be animated, I’d be happy to share!

So not cycles smoke, was hoping for that. Nice results though, frozen sims are cool but you have to sim a lot before you get a keeper. How much memory does this gobble up?

This sims for about 30 seconds before it looks like that. I don’t know for sure on memory use, as it wasn’t a concern of mine.

yeah I think that playing with the smoke sim settings you could come up with an animation ready scene, but of course every scene would be a different story! However I am looking forward to see if you will do an animation with this! :slight_smile:

Very nice results, could you please share the settings?

A .blend file would also be golden :slight_smile:

Here is the blend file for anyone interested.



clouds.blend (1.67 MB)