Smoke/vapour in cycles

I want to create some smoke/vapour (like some hot food’s smoke) in Cycles. How do I do so?

Volumetric rendering is not supported under cycles, and there are numerous threads about this… volumetric support may come this summer, but nothing anytime soon.

So no way at all to create some smoke effect in cycles? My rest of the scene is made in cycles, so cant change now :stuck_out_tongue:

make it in Blender internal and composite the renderlayer into your scene, currently it s the only way

Please give me a basic stepwise instruction. I’m new.

  1. click on the address bar of your browser
  2. go to
  3. search for blender smoke tutorial
  4. search for blender compositing tutorial
  5. use learnt knowledge to composite smoke into your cycles scene.

I managed to find this forum and post in it and working in blender, so I’m not autistic to search for tutorials in google. Thank you anyways.

I would probably be willing to type out a more detailed response on how to do it, but to me this thread shows that you have not tried to do any research yourself, and you are relying on everyone else.

switch your renderer to blender internal.
on a new layer set up your smoke sim and adjust it for how you want the effect to look.
set up your lights to match the lighting from your cycles scene ( if your just using lamps in cycles then nothing to do here, if your using emission shaders, you’ll need lamps to mimic that effect in the smoke)
run and bake your sim
set up your render layers thusly, all cycles layers turned off, smoke layer on and ensure its in blender internal.
render sim to png files
in compositing add image node and open smoke image sequence, plug image node into node tree with all current cycles nodes, this step will depend entirely on how your node setup is configured but to be fair all you need is to have your finished render form cycles and your finished render from internal and add the one on top of the other. though, you may need to render out some layers as mask layers depending if any of yuor scene objects oclude the smoke layer.
did any of that make sense? i’m a little sleepy right now :smiley: