testing smoke without particles.


That’s pretty sweet, does it animate?

That looks pretty volumetric. Could you do some more tests? Is it a technique with meta balls?

is there a blend file that i could look at, it looks awesome man!, i never knew it was possible to do it without particles!

Nice work, I’d love to see how you did it.

DITTO! Looks great!

Whoa! Awesome? And you did this without particles.
Technique please…

I agree with every comment made here. This is so good - I have not the faintest idea how you did it…

are you going to answer the questions?

I guess it was just a teaser…
maybe he did it with houdini or something…


Could that be done with the fluid system?


@Ken, probably not, atleast it would take tons of work to control the fluid…

I think this is a real fake. I’ve looked more closely to the image. He said there is no usage of particles. I think it’s just a mesh. Why is he not answering the questions?

well he said no particles, so of course it was a mesh, I was more curious about the material…

it’s sure it’s a mesh here. but it also could be done with meta balls.
the materials are probable very simple, like a procedural clouds texture. something with normal mapping(i don’t mean bump mapping but the normal map input)

damn fine effect however he did it

Sorry for not getting back to you guys quicker.

I guess it was just a teaser…
maybe he did it with houdini or something…

Glad you like it!

And yes, it was done with a mesh. I’ll post some screens.


Ah…yes, It makes for a good effect…now to animate it…
That would require some crazy blendshapes…or fluid or-

nope… you could just use an armature and displacement mapping free_ality.
that’s very easy…

could you provide a .blend file hafunui? as then i can learn off it better :slight_smile: