Smoking ball (another wallpaper)

I’ve been in the mood for making wallpapers recently, so here’s another one I cooked up today.
Full version

Hmmmmm, very nicely done.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Here’s a alternate render.
And the Full version

the second one is too dark. and remember to make some kind of a environment!

The object is very nice ! But the environnement seems to dark and “mono-colored” to me.

I liuke the first one better. it’s brighter.
hey it looks like an alien hookah pipe!

I was originaly working on a whole enviroment. But it was looking like shit, so I deleted it. And I don’t know, I kinda like it by it’s self :slight_smile:

Maybe put in a whole area of smoking balls :slight_smile:

Hehe I’ll try that :smiley: